Mutual Funds

The beauty of an open-end mutual fund is that it gives investors the flexibility to enter and exit the fund depending on their liquidity requirements.

A mutual fund scheme, as the name suggests, is a shared fund that pools money from multiple investors and invests the collected corpus in shares of listed companies, government bonds, corporate bonds, short-term money-market instruments, other securities or assets, or a combination of these investments. Our mutual funds are managed by such investment professionals who believe in capital preservation and long-term value appreciation. We are focused on floating mutual funds that are open-end in nature, and we believe, in Bangladesh, investing in mutual funds comes with certain tax (earnings in the form of dividend and capital gain are tax exempted for Mutual Funds) and investment benefits (IPO allocation).

Venture Capital

We want to provide capital to early-stage businesses with high growth potential.

Along with concentrating on public equities, we are also interested in exploring potential private investment deals. While our preferred macro themes for investing are centered around healthcare, education, agriculture, and frontier tech, we are open to investing with such solutions that solve a pain point in a scalable fashion. 

We have applied for an Alternative Investment Management license and are expecting to receive that license soon.

Separately Managed Accounts

For corporates and financial institutions, we provide solutions that ensure maximum optimization of cash through investing in money and capital market securities.

Our separately managed accounts are for such institutions that require customized investment solutions based on separate risk appetite. If you are planning to allocate capital to Bangladesh equity market, you can always have a conversation with us. Our team with dedicated professionals will understand your need first and then recommend solutions tailored to your need.