How we think

Investing is like a long voyage and what we can confirm with confidence is everyone will encounter unanticipated events or outcomes throughout this long journey. Imagine, we all are passengers of a ship, which is headed towards a specific destination and we all know that a storm may hit us anytime. However, we also do know that the captain will do her or his best to turn the ship around and go backward or go sideways to avoid the eye of the storm. By planning ahead of time and leaving a buffer of extra time for the unknowns, the storm can be taken in stride. Despite the delay caused by the setback, the passengers know that they are still on track to reach where they wanted to go. The investment managers are the captains of the ship- carefully analyzing, planning, and making astute decisions to get the passengers safely to their destination- the passengers are the investors, who put their faith in the managers knowing that they are in safe hands. 

We strive for a collection of portfolio holdings that can provide consistent results even under adverse market conditions and help our clients to achieve their financial goals. We try to build our portfolio from a relatively selective list of equity, fixed income, and alternative investment securities that give us a high conviction for likely future success. Our process aims to be continuous with the equal effort put into company selection and ongoing evaluation of the business performance of that company. Our quest to educate ourselves on every single holding in our portfolio lets us evaluate the risk/reward of our investments consistently. We have designed our investment process in such a way that encourages our team to dig deep into finding the true story behind the numbers. Although the market premises are often unpredictable, we believe it is possible to withstand the shocks through strategic asset allocation. 

Before taking any investment decision, how much can we afford to lose always wins over the thought of making money; and yes, that is our job.